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May 22, 2013

Social Enterprise in BC: From Granola Roots to Thriving Sector

The social enterprise sector in BC is thriving. The strength of BC’s social enterprise sector was the topic of a recent Vancouver Sun article, which highlighted the community-building work of businesses such as the Willow Bean Café, Potluck Café, and Tyze Personal Networks. The article notes the exponential growth and interest in social enterprises in BC, particularly since it became the first province to pass legsislation that created the community contribution company designation. Demonstrating this growth, in 2012 Vancity Credit Union financed $9 million in social enterprises, up from $3.7 million a year ago.

April 19, 2013

Putting Co-ops on the Election Agenda
The B.C. Co-operative Association is putting co-ops on the agenda and in the minds of voters during this provincial election season. In advance of the May 14 vote, BCCA is encouraging its members and co-operators to raise co-op issues with their candidates throughout the campaign. Specifically, BCCA has identified three actions that the provincial government should take: 1) establishing a strategic policy on co-ops, 2) government financing for co-ops and social enterprises, and 3) designating a Minister to be responsible for co-ops and the social economy. BCCA has developed a position paper and a sample letter to be sent to candidates, as well as a co-op fact sheet and speaking points which co-operators can use when talking to the candidates.

March 18, 2013
Community Contribution Companies in B.C. 

British Columbia will soon become home to a new corporate structure designed to bridge the gap between for-profit businesses and non-profit enterprises. The B.C. government approved regulations in early March 2013 to allow the creation of community contribution companies (CCCs), a hybrid business model designed to spur private investment in the province's social enterprise sector. These regulatory changes recognize the important economic impacts of social enterprises, and will help the sector sustain their important community-based missions. 
This announcement was welcome news for Canada's social enterprise sector, and marks a clear commitment from B.C. to remain at the cutting edge of social investment policy. The new regulations are slated to take effect on July 29, 2013.

November 22, 2012

Vancouver offers sites for affordable housing 

In what Mayor Gregor Robertson calls a “top priority”, the City of Vancouver is offering city-owned land for long-term lease to build new affordable housing. The “More Homes, More Affordability” program aims to develop 500 or so affordable units on six sites to begin alleviating an affordable housing crisis.

2011 BC CED Event- Building Leadership to Create Change

This event was a tremendous success. 

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 CCEDNet BC Poster of Organizational Members

CCEDNet BC Poster
We encourage you to display this poster proudly in your workplace to illustrate to your staff, clients and community partners how your organization contributes to something bigger: a broad-based movement made up of many different kinds of organizations, all committed to community economic development and working to strengthen local communities.

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Our work in British Columbia brings together community-based organizations and individuals who work in rural, urban and Aboriginal communities to improve social and economic conditions. Priorities include:
the spring 2011 regional CED Building Leadership conference ; and renewing the BC Leadership Council, the members who provide direction and set priorities for activities in the region.

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