CCEDNet Manitoba's Public Policy Road Map

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This is CCEDNet Manitoba's Public Policy Road Map for Manitoba’s Social, Economic, and Environmental Future

Over the past two years, members have shared that our movement requires an organized articulation of our collective vision for Manitoba’s future. 

These are the priorities of our Network - reimagined as a Public Policy Road Map for Manitoba’s Social, Economic, and Environmental Future. This Road Map guides our advocacy, organizing, and collective voice every day of the year.

It is our collective belief that if Manitoba follows this Road Map rooted in a Community Economic Development vision, our social, economic, and environmental future will be stronger and our communities will be more inclusive, democratic, and sustainable.

When taken all together, the recommendations proposed in this document, while not exhaustive, represent solutions to some of Manitoba’s most challenging, interconnected issues.

As members know, our public policy mandate is the result of a democratic decision-making process. Every year, members work together to create a pragmatic, wide-ranging and solutions-focused set of public policy resolutions. This is the result.

Our Collective Vision is: Sustainable and inclusive communities directing their own social, economic and environmental futures.

Together, we're focused on:

  • Ending Poverty
  • Local & Fair Economies
  • Tackling Climate Change
  • Sustainable Community-Led Development
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access
  • Democracy & Directing our Own Future

Read the Road Map here!

Each individual resolution submitted by CCEDNet members is incorporated and organized within the Public Policy Road Map. To view each individual resolution, follow the links below. Resolutions are active for three years unless re-submitted in an amended form. With an evolving membership over time, our policy mandate is also evolving.


2019.1 Timely and Effective Implementation of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act
2019.2 Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations
2019.3 Winnipeg-based Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations
2019.4 On-street Parking for Carshare Vehicles
2019.5 Poverty Reduction Plan -  Legislation
2019.6 Leveraging Canada Revenue Agency Infrastructure to Deliver Financial Assistance to Eligible Manitobans
2019.7 Facilitating Access to Birth Certificates for Low-income Manitobans
2019.8 Reversing Child Apprehension through Addressing Poverty, and promoting Meaningful Employment through Social Enterprise
2019.9 Supporting Community Employment Benefit on Infrastructure
2019.10     Restore Business and Enterprise Development Support Services
2019.11     Early Learning - Child Care
2019.12     Implementing Change Supporting Wa Ni Ska Tan, Indigenous, and Grassroots Calls for Ethical Energy in Manitoba


2018.1     Supporting a National Housing Strategy
2018.2     Supporting Employment Partnerships for Indigenous Job Seekers Facing Multiple Barriers
2018.3     Rent Supplements, RGI and transitioning to Rent Assist
2018.4     Community-Led Development: Reducing Red Tape and Increasing Value for Money*
2018.5     Energy Efficiency and Social Enterprise
2018.6     Enabling Social Finance in Manitoba
2018.7     Food Councils
2018.8     Increasing Value in Programming & Policy through Co-Creation & Consultation


2017.1 Affordable and Social Housing
2017.2 Replaced by 2018.4
2017.3 Enhancing Income Supports as part of a Comprehensive Provincial Poverty Reduction Plan
2017.4 The Cooperative Loans & Loan Guarantee Board and Housing Co-ops
2017.5 Elderly and Infirm Persons Housing Act and Tax Treatment
2017.6 Organics Disposal Ban for Manitoba's Capital Region
2017.7 Gender-Based Analysis Framework
2017.8 Reducing Emissions
2017.9 Provincial and Municipal CED Policy Framework and Lens
2017.10     CED Tax Credit
2017.11     Strengthening Manitoba's Co-op Sector
2017.12     Procurement for Community Benefit
2017.13     Living/Minimum Wage for all Manitobans
2017.14     Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy

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More information

Contact Michael Barkman [m.barkman at] to find out more about how we're advancing these policies and how you can help or participate in CCEDNet Manitoba's Policy Summit. Let Michael know if you are interested in having CCEDNet Manitoba talk to your community and/or your organizations about the importance of policy and how to change it.