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CCEDNet – Manitoba members work together to create pragmatic, solutions-focused public policy resolutions to strengthen their work and contribute to social inclusion. Each resolution describes the current policy context, explains how a policy change would impact our members’ work, and states a clear action that CCEDNet – Manitoba will work towards

Download the complete 2018 Policy Resolutions package


2018.1     Supporting a National Housing Strategy
2018.2     Supporting Employment Partnerships for Indigenous Job Seekers Facing Multiple Barriers
2018.3     Rent Supplements, RGI and transitioning to Rent Assist
2018.4     Community-Led Development: Reducing Red Tape and Increasing Value for Money*
2018.5     Energy Efficiency and Social Enterprise
2018.6     Enabling Social Finance in Manitoba
2018.7     Food Councils
2018.8     Increasing Value in Programming & Policy through Co-Creation & Consultation


2017.1 Affordable and Social Housing
2017.2 Investing in Community-led Development
2017.3 Enhancing Income Supports as part of a Comprehensive Provincial Poverty Reduction Plan
2017.4 The Cooperative Loans & Loan Guarantee Board and Housing Co-ops
2017.5 Elderly and Infirm Persons Housing Act and Tax Treatment
2017.6 Organics Disposal Ban for Manitoba's Capital Region
2017.7 Gender-Based Analysis Framework
2017.8 Reducing Emissions
2017.9 Provincial and Municipal CED Policy Framework and Lens
2017.10     CED Tax Credit
2017.11     Co-op Visioning Strategy
2017.12     Procurement for Community Benefit
2017.13     Living/Minimum Wage for all Manitobans
2017.14     Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy


2016.1 Creating Jobs and Improving Food Security in Northern & Remote Communities
2016.2 Poverty Reduction Plan & Legislation
2016.3 Endorsement of the “Make Poverty History Manitoba” 2016 Provincial Election Campaign (Replaced by 2017.3)
2016.4 Community Owned Green Energy
2016.5 Investing in Community Safety, Stability & Prosperity
2016.6 Rural Economic Development
2016.7 Co-operative Housing Land Trust
2016.8 Timely and Effective Implementation of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act
2016.9 Early Learning & Child Care
2016.10 Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations
2016.11     Winnipeg-based Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations

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Contact Michael Barkman [m.barkman at] to find out more about how we're advancing these policies and how you can help. Let MIchael know if you are interested in having CCEDNet Manitoba talk to your community and/or your organizations about the importance of policy and how to change it.