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Video series on Bill Ninacs, solidarity development activist, launches

In Victoriaville, Quebec, a web series of eight video clips featuring thoughts and insights from Bill Ninacs recently was launched.

In this series, Bill shares his vision of the evolution of various social and societal trends since the beginning of his career. He discusses, among other things, social intervention, consultation, innovation and integrated development.

The Stronger Together Awards

The Stronger Together Award celebrates individual and organizational members who have made exceptional contributions to Community Economic Development and/or who have provided outstanding leadership to CCEDNet in achieving our vision of sustainable, equitable and inclusive communities directing their own futures. 

2020 Highlights

As we approach our 2021 Annual General Meeting, we are looking back on 2020. 

How do we tell the story of such a year? How do we honour the pain and grief experienced the world over, while at the same time celebrating the solidarity, mutual aid, and resilience that were born from the turmoil?  How do we leverage our collective power to protect and nurture CCEDNet members, communities, and life itself -- all while caring for ourselves? 


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