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Download CCEDNet's New Policy Brochure: Recommendations for revitalizing communities in Canada

CCEDNet joins with others concerned about growing social and economic inequality in Canada. These are our recommendations for implementing a Community Economic Development approach to eliminating poverty and revitalizing communities. This is our case for change.

A Communities Agenda:

1. Build Fairer and Stronger Local Economies

2. Tackle Poverty and Homelessness

3. Invest in Sustainable Communities

'Towards a Canada without Poverty': Stephane Dion's speech at the Learning Enrichment Foundation

November 9, 2007

Liberal Party leader, Mr. Stephane Dion, presented a speech today at the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto, ON. The speech was titled: Towards a Fairer Canada Without Poverty.

This speech comes after an invite from The Canadian CED Network for a dialogue with community members about developing a policy framework on poverty reduction.


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