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NEW Session! Engagement and Learning Telelearning Series

The Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSEHub) and the Steering Committee for the 2010
National Summit on a People-Centred Economy are offering a series of telelearning sessions
based on two series of papers that cover four important themes within Canada. One series
is being developed as Knowledge Mobilization papers by CSEHub researchers, and the other
series has been prepared as issue papers for the National Summit.

These sessions are intended to generate engagement and learning about key issues within

April 2010 Practitioner of the month - Marichu Antonio

Expanding Cultural Horizons in Canada

The Social Economy stories are designed to provide practitioners’ perspectives on what the Social Economy means to them and their communities. In particular, the stories featured here highlight the voices of Aboriginal, immigrant and women practitioners. Check back, each month as the Canadian CED Network will be featuring a new practitioner of the month.

CSEHub Theamatic Newsletter: 'Building a People Centered Economy: Public Policy and the Social Economy.'

Research by the Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSE Hub) has featured analysis of the unique role and relevance of Social Economy organizations to public policy issues around the world. The discourse has grown as researchers, civil society organizations and governments seek to respond to inter-related socio-economic and environmental challenges. The economic downturn has fuelled this interest in seeking a more people-centered economic model, a role that the research suggests is unique to the social economy.

Canadian CED Network's Strategic Plan 2009-2011

In July 2009, the Canadian CED Network's Board of Directors approved the final version of the 2009-2011 Strategic Plan. This plan is meant to focus the energies and guide the choices of the membership and staff over three years in order to achieve or move towards the objectives and priorities it identifies. The new strategic plan also establishes a renewed organizational vision, mission and values statement for the network.

The four areas of priority for the 2009 -2011 Strategic Plan are:


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