2008 National Conference

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May 21-24, 2008
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Over 40 learning and information sharing sessions were offered at the 2008 National CED Conference. Each session was categorized into one of the following streams:

Plenary Speakers

Influencing Policy to Build People-Centred Economies

The Need to Build People-Centred Economies


Building Fairer and Stronger Local Economies

Procurement Policy and Purchasing Practices: A Tool for CED and the Social Enterprise (PDF)
Presenters: David LePage (Enterprising Non-Profits) (PDF)

Strengthening CED: The Role of Municipal Government
Building Fairer and Stronger Local Economies
Presenters: Marcia Tait (City of Edmonton) and Robyn Webb (CCEDNet Policy Council)

Le relève et le porc-épic
Presenter: Georgette Bru (CCS)

The possibility of Social Enterprise Building Fairer and Stronger Local Economies
Presenters: David LePage (Enterprising Non-Profits); Garry Loewen (Garry Loewen Consulting); Ethel Côté (L'Art du développement)

The Emerging Leaders' (EL) Story
Presenters: Dini Silveira (CCEDNet), Naomi Adams (Emerging Leaders Committee, CCEDNet)

Youth and Social Enterprise (PDF | Toolkit)
Karim Harji, Raïmi B. Osseni & Chris Perrin (Emerging Leaders Committee, CCEDNet)

Tackling Poverty and Homelessness

Les pratiques plurielles de la francophonie (PDF)
Presenters: Yollande Ndme Pita (RDÉE Ontario), Abraham Tounkara (RCDÉC), Ethel Côté (Économie solidaire de l'Ontario; Politiques publiques)

International Partnerships for Policy Development (PDF)

Presenters: Ethel Côté (RENAPESS)

Counting Women In: Gender-Based Analysis (PDF)

Presenters: Louise Clarke (Academic Co-Director, Commumity University Institute for Social Research, Feminist Research Methods), Roz Lockyer (Executive Director, PARO), Gayle Broad (Community Economic and Social Development Unit, Algoma University)

Fact of Fiction: Social Policy to Home Ownership in Less than Three Years (PDF)

Presenters: Anna Bubel (Another Way), Mary Sullivan (Capital Region Housing Corporation)

Sewing and Sewing Together (PDF)
Presenters: Melanie Conn, Danielle Levine (Women's CED Council); Rayleyne Theriault (HERS, Every Woman's Centre); Maggie MacDonald (Imogene's, Women's Employment Resource Centre); Penny Irons (MaMa's Wall St. Studio, Aboriginal Mother Centre); Janice Hollins (Northern Star Worker Co-op)

Social Enterprise Models of Women-Centred CED (PDF)
Presenters: Jessica Notwell/Melanie Conn (Women's CED Council); Marichu Antonio - (EthniCity Centre for Newcomers); Mary Kargas (Enterprising Women Making Art); Penny Irons (MaMa's Wall St. Studio, Aboriginal Mother Centre)

Capacity Development to Meaningful Employment (PDF)
Presenters: Anita Verlangen (Core Neighborhood Youth Coop)


Women-Centred CED Research (PDF)
Presenter: Lou Hammond Ketilson (Centre for the Study of Co-operatives)

What and How are We Learning About the Social Economy? (PDF)
Presenters: Representatives from the regional research nodes, including: Ritch Hutchins, Lou Hammond Ketilson, Louise Sutton, Jacques Caillouette, Mike Lewis and Ian McPherson

Introduction to CED

The Art of Advocacy (PDF)
Presenters: Diana Jedig (Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Inc.) and Flo Frank (Common Ground)

CED 101 (PDF)
Presenters: Lindsey McBai (CCEDNet) and David Daughton (CCEDNet)