Economie Solidaire de l'Ontario & RENAPESS

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This profile is one of four stories examining international partnership in community economic development (CED). The profiles have been prepared to showcase several examples of effective models of international collaboration and knowledge exchange that distribute contribution, benefit, and risk amongst all involved. They are examples of ends that were made possible because people were working together.

CED and the social economy have a history of over 100 years in francophone Ontario.
It is in this rich context that Économie Solidaire de l'Ontario was created in 2004 with the mission of networking and supporting members of the movement. (ESO)

RENAPESS Mali (Réseau National d'Appui à la Promotion de l' Economie Sociale et Solidaire) is a similarly young and emergent national network of the social and solidarity economy in Mali.

The collaboration and partnership of Économie Solidaire de l'Ontario and RENAPESS is supported and facilitated by Uniterra, a Canadian international cooperation program jointly run by the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI) and World University Service of Canada (WUSC). Through its volunteer cooperation program, a central element of Uniterra's work is to partner Canadian community organizations with complementary organizations in the global South. Incorporated in 2003, RENAPESS continues to promote, educate, and explore best practices in the Malian movement through discussion, exchanges, accompaniment, and advocacy