Telelearning session - Session 9: Financing, the Social Economy and Emerging Challenges

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10 April, 2008
The Canadian Social Economy Hub (CSEHub) is a joint project of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) and the British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS), funded through a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

CSEHub and BALTA are pleased to invite your participation in two upcoming telelearning sessions!

Session 9: Financing, the Social Economy and Emerging Challenges

With the fall-out from sub-prime mortgages whirling around the globe and the ensuing credit crunch rippling through society, the importance of alternative financing mechanisms focused on a triple bottom line is increasing.
What innovations are emerging in the U.K. in financing enterprises that feature social goals, democratic ownership and the addressing of basic needs?
How are these advances relevant to financing the need for greater energy efficiency, local energy and food production, and other key challenges in the age of climate change and peak oil?
What are the core issues we need to think about in designing financing strategies that can help us transition to a sustainable and low-carbon living economy?
This telelearning session features Pat Conaty; facilitator TBA. Please join us!
Call Logistics:
Session Date: Thursday, April 10th, 2008
Call begins at 9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST, 12:00 pm EST, 1:00 pm AST, and 1:30 pm NST
Call in information will be given upon registration
Register before April 8th to obtain dial-in information and background papers
This session is in English
Session Format: 1.25 Hour
Welcome: 5 minutes
Presentation: 35 minutes from the speaker
Discussion: 35 minutes
Registration: By Email or by Phone
Register by e-mailing with your name, location, and work or volunteer position. We will provide instructions on how to access the telelearning forum. Unfortunately, the session is only open to those residing in Canada. To register by phone call 1-250-472-4976.

Limited number of phone lines for session - register soon!