Sharing for Social Change: An Exploration of Shared Space and Shared Service Models in Ontario's Non-Profit Sector

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18 June, 2008
Nonprofit organizations are increasingly experimenting with new forms of shared space and shared services. By working together, they are able to achieve greater efficiencies in their operations and greater impact in their local communities. Here in Ontario we have a number of organizations who are pioneering this field. From shared work spaces and back-office services to community hubs and project trusteeship, these groups are exploring the ways that sharing can lead to social change. Our goal is to bring together nonprofit organizations from across the province to share experiences and strategies for putting collaboration to work. Sharing for Social Change will allow us to explore questions like: What experiments are underway...and are they working? What are the secrets from the veterans? How can we all benefit from sharing for social change?
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The Centre for Social Innovation and Tides Canada/Sage Centre, working closely with our supporters, have come together to host this one-day event. To learn more and to sign up on our mailing list to receive event updates - including registration information - visit the website provided.  Also, to contribute or act as a panellist for this event please contact Eli Malinsky at
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