Fall 2011 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshop Series

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3 November, 2011 to 1 December, 2011

The Spark service of the Canadian CED Network and Volunteer Manitoba invite you to attend the Fall 2011 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshop Series.


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1. Community Conflict Management

2. Working with the Media

3. Marketing Your Social Enterprise

4. Social Return on Investment

5. Effective Proposal Writing


Cost per workshop:

CCEDNet members: half-day $25

Non-Members: half-day $75 | Join CCEDNet

Questions? Please contact Lindsey McBain at 837-7275 ext. 3, lmcbain@ccednet-rcdec.ca


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Workshop Descriptions

Community Conflict Management 

September 22 - 1pm to 4pm - United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Conflict within the community can undermine the best projects and stand in the way of development. Most inter-group conflict has multiple causes both visible and less visible. Some attempts to resolve conflict can actually escalate and inflame tension, particularly if the deeper causes have not been addressed. This workshop will explore a number of tools to address this complex problem, including tools to identify the causes of the conflict, and the options for addressing them.

Facilitator: Janet P. Schmidt BA, MEd

Janet Schmidt has worked full time as a mediator for more than 20 years. Born of her mediation practice, she has developed numerous training courses for Resolution Skills Centre and Facilitated Solutions, including an intensive course on facilitating groups in conflict. Jan has extensive international experience in the field, having lived and worked in Africa from 1996-1999. Since returning to Canada, her focus has been exclusively on facilitating workplace disputes. Jan holds a Masters of Education degree with a focus on organizational behaviour and psychology

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Working with the Media

October 6 - 1pm to 4pm - United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Ever wonder how certain non-profit groups seem to get constant attention from the media? In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of how to catch (and keep!) the media’s attention. Shaw TV host/reporter/producer Kim Babij will explain what the media looks for when searching for news items, and how to best deliver your message so it’s heard above the rest.

Facilitator: Kim Babij
Kim Babij is the host of the daily community programming on Shaw TV, Channel 9. On top of her duties as a host and reporter, Kim has also hosted and produced the Fabulous Blue Bomber Show on Shaw TV for the past six years. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kim graduated from Red River College’s Creative Communications program as a Journalism major in 1997. Before joining the Shaw TV family in 2005, Kim had the priveledge of working in television, radio and newspaper at such media outlets as CBC Television, CJOB radio, The Score Sports Network and The Winnipeg Sun.

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Marketing Your Social Enterprise

November 3 - 1pm to 4pm - United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Marketing the services or products of a social enterprise is critical to its success. Many social entrepreneurs begin with their social mission in their marketing campaigns, yet this approach is often not the best way to promote your business. This workshop will highlight and review marketing principles, and how they apply to the social enterprise context.

Facilitator: Marty Donkervoort
Marty Donkervoort has worked in the social economy sector as a practitioner and consultant for the past 30 years. In 2002 he founded and subsequently managed Inner City Renovation, a social enterprise in the North End of Winnipeg. Marty held senior positions in the corporate sector before becoming active in the social economy. He has an MBA, with a speciality in marketing.

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Demonstrating Social Return on Investment

November 17 -  9am to 12pm - United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

Capturing and measuring the social benefits of your work can be difficult. Social Return on Investment (SROI) incorporates social, environmental and economic costs and benefits into decision making and evaluation, thus creating a fuller picture of the value of work done by non-profits working in the community. SROI can be used to help you understand and communicate the value of your work in a clear and consistent way with funders, customers and community members. In this workshop, John Baker will explain how your organization can take advantage of these SROI techniques and approaches.

Facilitator: John Baker
John Baker is the General Manager and President of Inner City Development - a social enterprise construction company that employs residents of Winnipeg's north end facing barriers to employment.  John has also been a consultant and practitioner of social enterprise throughout North American and Europe for over 12 years.  He is Associated Faculty at the Schulich School of Business, York University.

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Effective Proposal Writing

December 1 - 9am to 12pm - United Way Learning Centre, 580 Main St

An effective grant proposal presents a compelling case for your organization and your project or program. It convinces your potential funder that your goals are aligned with theirs and makes them want to support your work by awarding you a grant.
This workshop will provide practical tips on:
  • Writing in a positive, audience-focused style
  • Providing the information that funders want to know
  • Presenting your organization and project in the best possible light
  • Presenting maximum information in minimum words
  • Developing long-term relationships with your funders

Facilitator: Nan Colledge

Nan Colledge has over 25 years experience in non-profit management, and has raised funds and written numerous grant proposals for a variety of charitable organizations. She was the General Manager of the West End Cultural Centre for seven years during which time she completed a major capital project. She currently works as the Community Program Manager at Assiniboine Credit Union.

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The Spring 2011 Strengthening Non-Profits Workshop Series is co-sponsored by the Spark service of the Canadian CED Network and Volunteer Manitoba


United Way Learning Centre
580 Main St.
Winnipeg  Manitoba