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7 June, 2012

* The logo for this event has been adapted from the logo for the International Year of Cooperatives, and expresses our support for the principles and contributions of co-operation in our communities.


Connections 2012: Community Investment Solutions for a Better Ontario

The 2012 CCEDNet-Ontario conference attracted just over 100 participants to the Learning Enrichment Foundation in Toronto. A sold-out bus tour visited several social purpose enterprises, and the conference featured speakers looking at strategies for innovation in an age of austerity, generating revenues, co-operative development and growing inequality, along with a variety of workshops.

The conference also hosted the Toronto launch of The Resilience Imperative by CCEDNet founding member Mike Lewis.

Many thanks to the event steering committee and funders.

CCEDNet-Ontario, with the ongoing commitment and assistance of a steering committee representing broad interests across the province, planned an Ontario CED Event that built upon the success of last year’s Connections to Revitalize Communities.

Connections 2012 explored the systemic shift happening within Ontario's economy that is felt acutely by the communities we live in. More than ever we need an investment strategy that builds on local skills, assets and people to reduce inequality and strengthen communities. Focusing on community economic development, Connections 2012 brought together representatives of community organizations, co-operatives, social enterprises, government, and academic institutions to focus on innovative solutions for our communities.

As we moved through the day we took a journey together that gave us some of the knowledge and skills we need to utilize the strengths of communities to create solutions. We were:

  1. Developing a joint understanding of the issues facing communities as framed by the Drummond Report and our collective advocacy work
  2. Sharing some theme areas that highlight these issues but also provide opportunities for innovative solutions
  3. Putting the current situation into context and offer hope for solutions by identifying opportunities.
  4. Sharing a range of practical solutions that can be implemented in our communities to increase their resilience
  5. Identifying strategic solutions we can work on together in the coming months

PowerPoint Presentations and Other Resouces


5x5 Presentations

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A. The 1,2,3's for Proactively Managing Cutbacks with Government
Lynn Eakin (Lynn Eakin & Associates)

PDF Handout: Agency Management During Cutbacks

PDF Handout: Negotiating Cuts with Funders

B. Time Banking – Rebuilding the Core Economy
Phillip Penna (Ontario Environment Network)

PPT Presentation: Time Banking

C. Advanced Social Enterprise Management: Lessons from the Field/ La gestion avancée des entreprises sociales: Leçons du secteur (Bilingue – Bilingual)
Anne Jamieson (Toronto Enterprise Fund) and Ethel Côté (Centre canadien pour le renouveau communautaire)

PPT Presentation: Advanced Social Enterprise Management

D. Growing Investment Opportunities for the Community and Co-operative Sector
Joanna Reynolds and Tristina Sinopoli (MaRS Centre for Impact Investing)

E. From Austerity to Possibility: The Canada We Want
Peter Frampton (The Learning Enrichment Foundation)

F. SROI: Moving the Conversation from Cost to Value
Stephanie Robertson (SiMPACT Strategy Groups/SROI Canada)

PDF Presentation: Moving the Conversation from Cost to Value

G. Debt Financing for Charities and Nonprofits

Richard Bright (The Community Forward Fund) and Janet Shim (Alterna Savings)

H. Economic Inequality - Why Does It Matter, and What Can We Do About It
Rob Howarth (www.economicinequality.ca/Toronto Neighbourhood Centres) and Anna Willats (www.economicinequality.ca/George Brown College)

PDF Handout: Rich and the Rest of Us

I. Why Co-operative Businesses Survive Better than “Traditional Business” and How that Can Help Your Community Survive the Economic Crisis!

Peter Cameron (The Ontario Co-operative Association)

PDF Handout: Co-ops Work

PDF Handout: Co-op Comparisons

J. Maximizing Sponsorship-How to Leverage Partner Relationships

Erin Roberts (Zzeem)

PDF Presentation: Maximizing Sponsorship



Event Program

Download the full program below to learn more about the unique activities and workshops of Connections 2012!

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Event Organizing Team

The planning for this year's Ontario CED Event is made possible by the enormous contribution of our Steering Group members. Members of the steering committee include:

A big Thank You to our event sponsors:



The Ontario Co-operative Association

PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise

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