Co-ops: the 'Swiss Army Knife' of Community Economies (Webinar Recording)

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24 September, 2012

This session explored how co-ops are catalyzing economic development where all else fails -- building local economies and stronger communities in Canada and around the world.


In central Bolivia, an oregano co-op has reversed rural out-migration and created new income for more than a thousand families.  In the Philippines, the National Federation of Co-operatives for Persons with Disability unites 16 co-ops that provide employment to over 600 people -- entirely owned and staffed by people with disabilities.  In Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, the 31 independently owned and controlled Inuit and Dene business members of Arctic Co-ops employ over 900 people and establish local control in key economic sectors. 

Building on the International Year of Co-operatives, this webinar shared insights from these three examples of co-operative innovation:  what made them so successful, lessons for CED efforts in any context, and what’s next for co-op development in Canada and the world.


  • Gretchen Hernandez, Simon Fraser University
  • Jason Frittaion, Canadian Co-operative Association
  • Sherry Hennessey, Arctic Co-operatives Limited


This session, part of the Canadian CED Network’s International Committee webinar series, is made possible in partnership with Uniterra


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