The Resilience Imperative: Remaking the CED Agenda? (Webinar Recording)

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16 October, 2012

A feature webinar discussion with Mike Lewis on Resiliency – a next step for local economies in the transition to a low-carbon future. 


Twenty years ago, Mike Lewis was already one of the leading voices for community economic development in Canada.  As editor of Making Waves, he saw first hand how local action can help turn around impoverished neighbourhoods and communities.  But as his work expanded internationally and across sectors, the emerging spectres of climate change and peak oil cast community renewal in a new light. 

In his new book, The Resilience Imperative, Lewis and co-author Pat Conaty of the new economics foundation draw on their wealth of experience to show how energy, food, housing, finance and other sectors familiar to CED practitioners can be reinvented at a more local and regional scale, buffering communities from the economic shocks that the global transition to lower-carbon economies will likely entail. 

The Resilience Imperative is firmly grounded in extensive research carried out by the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance.  With endorsements from David Suzuki, Bill McKibbon, Hazel Henderson, Gar Alperovitz, Robin Murray and many others, The Resilience Imperative offers practical solutions for a cultural shift to solidarity, co-operation and sufficiency in a future that respects the earth’s ecological limits. 


Michael Lewis, Canadian Centre for Community Renewal, has been engaged in community economic development (CED), development finance and the social and co-operative economy for over 35 years, Mike is a prolific author, and respected practitioner who’s been involved in entrepreneurial development, network building, strategic assistance to CED organizations and curriculum design for community resilience. 



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