Webinar: Co-operative Economic Development

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16 October, 2012


Tuesday, October 16th 
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST / CDT
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With over one billion members, co-operative businesses are major economic contributors to the global economy employing 100 million people worldwide. The co-operative model has stood the test of time and is a key form of community economic development.
The United Nations recognized the high economic and social benefits of co-operatives in declaring the year 2012 the International Year of the Co-operative. 
Co-operatives have played an important part in Saskatchewan's economic history in the areas of retail, finance, agriculture, insurance, housing and telecommunications. The question for economic developers today is how can co-ops become a vehicle of development, and meet the economic and social needs of communities for the future?
Saskatchewan's sudden economic boom has brought prosperity to our province, and with drastic market growth comes a number of challenges for urban and rural/isolated communities. Co-operative Economic Development can be part of a larger community economic development strategy to meet the needs of a number of economic areas such as housing, business succession, first nations' job creation, sustainability and much more. 
The interest in and demand for co-op development has increased significantly over the years and economic developers will need the knowledge and ability to meet that demand. 
In this webinar, participants will gain a general knowledge and understanding of Co-operative Economic Development in the areas of:
  • Understanding co-operative principles
  • Discovering different types of co-operative business structures and forms
  • Working out the co-operative development process
  • Identifying Co-operative Economic Development opportunities in Saskatchewan. 
  • Webinar participants will learn how co-operatives work, the development processes and how to apply Co-operative Economic Development in their communities from a community economic development framework. 

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