Local Economic Development Corporations Webinar

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16 January, 2013


January 16th, 2013
1:00 – 2:00 pm (CST Saskatchewan)

Local development corporations are arms length corporations often created by, or for the benefit of, local governments for economic development or other public purposes. Local development corporations as well as certain other types of private entities (e.g., limited liability companies), are being utilized with increasing frequency by cities, towns and villages to finance local government operations and projects.


Douglas Eddy, Former CEO of the Buffalo Narrows Development Corporation:
Doug was born and raised in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. In the early 1980’s Doug became involved in helping to establish future employment for young people and his career in Economic Development was started. Over the next 31 years, Doug worked mostly in smaller communities helping them establish their economic future. In 2007, he was honoured as Economic Development Officer of the year by his peers at SEDA. He recently retired as CEO of the Buffalo Narrows Economic Development Corporation in 2012, however he continues to help and foster Economic Development wherever possible. His comment, “there is no retirement from this profession, just more free time to do the things you love doing” is well founded. Doug is married to Yvonne and they enjoy their additional career as hoteliers.               
Verona Thibault, Executive Director SEDA  

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Unleashing Local Capital  Webinar Series

Start off the new year with our three part webinar series on raising capital to facilitate economic development and community projects. SEDA and Grow Our Region present this live and interactive webinar series as part of our 2013 Online Learning Series. Each of the three models profiled will approach investment from a unique investor engagement perspective.
Webinars will be hosted by SEDA Executive Director Verona Thibault and feature a special guest speaker on each of the subject areas.
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