Opportunity Development Co-operatives Webinar

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23 January, 2013


January 23rd, 2013
1:00 – 2:00 pm
(CST Saskatchewan)

Based on the successful model utilized in Nova Scotia and currently being implemented in Alberta. Opportunity Development Co-ops direct local capital back into communities and simplifies and reduces the cost of investing. Examples of potential projects include: purchase of a business that is being closed due to retirement of the owner; conversion of a vacant building into a business incubator or commercial hub; building a seniors facility or a new water tower.
Guest Presenter: Paul Cabaj, Director of Coop Development & Alberta Community and Co-operative Association:
A well-traveled father of three, Paul holds a Bachelor of East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta Business(delete) and is working on a Masters in Leadership focusing on cooperative decision making. He has worked and lived in Asia and South America (including a stint as an owner of a pan-Asian restaurant). Paul has assisted dozens of startup cooperatives and community owned businesses get off the ground, and is currently working on developing vehicles that will make it easier for Albertans to invest in locally owned businesses. Paul was awarded the Canadian National Award of Merit for Cooperative Development in 2011.


Verona Thibault: Executive Director, SEDA
Paul Cabaj: Director of Development, Alberta Community and Cooperative Association
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Unleashing Local Capital  Webinar Series
Start off the new year with our three part webinar series on raising capital to facilitate economic development and community projects. SEDA and Grow Our Region present this live and interactive webinar series as part of our 2013 Online Learning Series. Each of the three models profiled will approach investment from a unique investor engagement perspective.
Webinars will be hosted by SEDA Executive Director Verona Thibault and feature a special guest speaker on each of the subject areas.
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