Social Impact Bonds: Beyond the Hype (Webinar recording)

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25 February, 2013

Community agencies are facing funding reductions. Governments are looking to cut spending. Can social impact bonds help? If you’ve heard of social impact bonds and want to know what they are and their potential application to fund innovative community services, this webinar is for you.


Social Impact Bonds (SiBs) have been attracting significant attention as an alternative way of financing innovative programs that can solve complex social issues and reduce government costs. Focused on outcomes, SiBs bring together private investors, service delivery organizations and an intermediary to shift the risk away from government, which pays only for successful outcomes.
SiB pilots are underway in the UK, the US, have been announced in Australia and several US states and are being explored by our federal government. This session explains what social impact bonds are, in what circumstances they could be used, and considers the limits and concerns about their potential application.


Margie Mendell
Concordia University
Dr. Mendell is Professor and Vice-Principal of the School of Community and Public Affairs at Concordia University. Her current areas of research and teaching include the social economy, alternative investment strategies, comparative community economic development, and economic democracy.
Christian Novak
Frontier Markets Advisors
Christian has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, including more than 10 years of experience in impact investments and sustainable development projects. He has authored several papers and has been an active speaker on impact investing.

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