Social Return on Investment: Capturing Value and Values (Webinar recording)

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28 March, 2013

When it comes to understanding the value of community initiatives, describing activities and outputs tells a shallow tale.  Funders, stakeholders and constituents increasingly want to know what difference you’ve made – the impact and value of those activities.  Social Return on Investment (SROI) provides a methodological framework to better understand and enhance communications on the social value of multidimensional community interventions. 


Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a growing evaluation methodology that seeks to move the assessment process from a focus on cost alone to one that focuses on value.  By assigning financial proxies (monetary value) to social, environmental and economic outcomes, SROI creates a more complete understanding of the value generated by an initiative and can help build stronger communications (including business cases) for a wide range of community investments.

This session will introduce the SROI approach, provide some examples of its use in Canada, and outline the increasing use of SROI by agencies and funders to understand and communicate the value of their work and investments. 


  • Anne Miller, SiMPACT Strategy Group
    As one of the first SROI accredited practitioners in Canada, Anne leads the SROI Initiative within SiMPACT Strategy Group and is involved in both the SROI Canada Network and the SROI International Network.  She has worked on over 20 SROI analyses across Canada and carried out evaluation, research, and/or SROI work in the fields of justice, indigenous peoples studies, social housing and homelessness, community development, and public health.

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