Being Continued: Social Economy Research in Canada (Webinar recording)

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18 April, 2013

The research on the social economy undertaken between 2005 and 2012 by the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships, the national hub and the six regional research nodes continues.  This webinar shares the latest research activities relevant to CED policy and practice from several current research programs.  It also deepens the connections between practitioners and researchers in the CED and social economy fields:  participants hear who is doing what, what research outputs are available and what is expected, and how to get involved.


The national social economy research program provided an unprecedented level of resources and pan-Canadian experimentation within a collaborative model of engagement, knowledge creation, sectoral (self) definition and policy development through research. The social economy research funding ended in 2012, but the work continues.

This webinar updates Network members and supporters about ongoing CED and social economy research. Presenters introduce their research partnership / organization and then take questions. Their comments cover who is involved in the research partnership, what questions are being asked, what outputs are available/expected, and how interested practitioners can get involved. 



This webinar was made possible by the participation and contributions of the following research centres and organizations:

The Canadian CED Network
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