Theory of Change: An Evaluation Methodology to Accelerate Learning

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27 June, 2013
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Speakers: Tom Kelly and Liz Weaver
 Location: via conference call
 Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2013 - 11:55am -  1:00 pm, ET  

 Details: Tom Kelly, a key thought-leader at Tamarack's 2013 CCI: Accelerating Impact <>  is renowned for his ground-breaking evaluation of the Annie E. Casey Foundation's ten-year community change initiative Making Connections using the Theory-of-Change methodology.  Making Connections is an initiative that focuses on developing family economic success in several communities across the United States.  Join Tom and Liz Weaver for this tele-learning and discover more about why the Theory of Change methodology is well suited for comprehensive collective impact initiatives; and, how it can be harnessed as a practice to accelerate shared learning.  Tom will also profile more about his current evaluation work as the Vice President for Knowledge, Evaluation and Learning for the Hawai'i Community Foundation <> .    

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