Building it Right: Northern Aboriginal Forestry and Housing Conference

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21 October, 2013 to 24 October, 2013

Northern Aboriginal Forestry and Housing Conference:
Promoting Forestry and Housing as Community Economic Drivers

October 21 - 24, 2013
Canad Inns Polo Park, Winnipeg MB


Forestry: Forest Inventory & Mapping, FMPs and Permits, Harvesting Guidelines, Non-Timber Forest 
Housing Technology: Alternative Heating Systems, Alternative Water & Sewage Systems, Alternative Framing Styles, Energy Efficiency Guidelines and assessments, U of M Alternative Village Tour
Housing Management: Home Ownership, Housing Authority Development, Housing Rental Programs, Social Housing Programs, Housing Database Systems, Householder Stewardship, Basic Home Maint.
Employment & Training: Community Workforce Development Planning, Safety First, Trainee Assessment and Readiness, Upgrading for the Trades, Pre-Employment Programs, Apprenticeship Programs
Business Models: Cooperatives, Social Enterprises, Band Owned Businesses, Franchises, Products, Log Furniture Making, Value Added Wood Products, Lumber Grading Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships

Hosted by: Frontiers Foundation Manitoba

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