Social Return on Investment Accreditation Training

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28 October, 2013 to 29 October, 2013

As an increasingly recognized approach for valuing social returns internationally, individuals, investors, evaluators and organizations are seeking to build capacity in the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology. As an accredited practitioner of The SROI Network, SiMPACT Strategy Group facilitates training opportunities.

This training is being organized by SiMPACT Strategy Group, on behalf of SROI Canada. SiMPACT is currently providing administrative and back-end support as the SROI Canada Secretariat. Participation in the SROI Accreditation training does not guarantee accredited practitioner status, but is required to become accredited as an SROI practitioner.

Previous valuation, outcomes evaluation, or SROI experience is highly recommended. It is also recommended that you come with a case study in mind for your SROI accreditation case.

Day One - How to do an SROI Analysis - An Advanced Introduction

Day one is a practical, step-by-step introduction to the SROI process. Founded on the essentials of SROI theory, the day will be focussed on building out an input map and exploring real life applications and examples.

Day Two - SROI Practitioner Training

Day two provides an opportunity to explore SROI methodological issues that will foster the level of understanding of the SROI methodology which is required for accreditation. Although designed with the assurance process in mind, this course is suitable for anyone wanting more than an introduction to SROI and an opportunity to explore the challenges and nuances. Current issues in the development of SROI will be discussed, as will emerging best practice, new techniques and use of financial proxies.

This course does not guarantee accreditation, but is a necessary step towards becoming an accredited practitioner. The next step involves the submission of an SROI forecast or evaluative case study for review, along with several administrative documents. For more information on the general process toward SROI Practitioner Accreditation visit or contact Anne Miller at

Who should participate:

  • Individuals seeking The SROI Network practitioner status and who intend to submit a case for peer review.
  • Evaluators interested in adding SROI to their toolbox
  • Program managers, policy planners, communicators or in-house evaluators responsible to demonstrate that maximum value has been achieved (all sectors)
  • Social ventures and social entrepreneurs seeking to demonstrate the value of the social element of their business model

If you are accredited and interested in training others in SROI, please contact

For more information on becoming an accredited SROI practitioner, please see the SROI Network’s website.

Please note that spots are limited for each of the sessions.


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