ABLE 2013 - Fostering Financial Empowerment

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5 November, 2013 to 6 November, 2013

ABLE is a national conference for all stakeholders interested in fostering financial empowerment for people who live on low incomes.

This year’s conference will feature a range of innovative financial empowerment initiatives, a closer look at the role of financial institutions and emerging research and policy.

"Lack of income means you don't get by; lack of assets means you don't get ahead."
- Ray Boshara, The New America Foundation, New York Times, Sept 29, 2002

ABLE is a forum where:

  • Non-profit organizations, researchers, the private sector and government can gather, learn together and share best practices on asset building, financial literacy and financial empowerment
  • New research and policy developments can be showcased and explored
  • A national community of practice can be strengthened, expanded and formalized

Innovation, Tools & Partnerships

We will explore highly successful strategies, lessons and best practices for asset building and financial literacy in Canada. Come expecting to teach, to learn, to connect and to partner.

Financial Institutions

A key topic is the role of financial institutions in financial empowerment efforts. We will host conversations on the benefits and challenges faced by financial institutions and community builders as we collaborate.

Research & Policy

Researchers will share their findings on asset building, financial literacy and municipal financial empowerment. The dialogue will seek to develop a common national research and policy agenda.

A Community of Practice

The Asset Building Learning Exchange will deepen our community of practice, provide important pathways to share program innovations, identify promising practices, and catalyze the action needed to expand the impact of asset building as a poverty reduction strategy on a national scale.

ABLE 2013 is a collaboration between the National ABLE Network, the Alberta Asset Building Collaborative and the Financial Futures Collaborative in Calgary.

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