2013 CWCF-CoopZone Conference

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7 November, 2013 to 9 November, 2013
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The CWCF-CoopZone Conference will take place in St. Albert (outside of Edmonton), Alberta, on November 7th to 9th, 2013.  The theme is: Educating Each Other for Empowerment.

Early-bird Registration for the 2013 Conference is now closed.  The final registration deadline is October 28, 2013.

There will be two great keynote speakers at the Conference:

Rebecca Kemble, President of the US Federation of Worker Co-ops, will speak about the new Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade (International Co-op Alliance, "ICA") and the international worker co-op association, CICOPA!

In addition to her role at the US FWC, Rebecca the President of CICOPA-North. America, Vice-President of CICOPA Americas and serves on the Executive Committee of CICOPA (worldwide). Rebecca is a worker-owner of Union Cab Cooperative where she has worked since 2000 as a night shift taxi driver as well as a mediator. She is also a founding member, writer and editor in the newly-formed Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, and writes for The Progressive magazine.

The development of the Blueprint strategy was an outcome from the International Year of Co-operatives, This Blueprint is intended to provide the ICA and its members with a clear focal point for future activity, underpinned by ambitious goals.

Yvonne Chiu of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op is an inspiring worker co-op made up of immigrants and refugees who work as health brokers, i.e. liaisons between the health system and the immigrant and refugee communities. They are a group of 54 Multicultural Health Brokers. They represent 22 different cultural and linguistic communities in Edmonton.

Many started as volunteers in their communities and were identified as natural leaders, and were brought in as paid Brokers with the Co-operative.

Other great reasons to attend the 2013 CWCF - CoopZone Conference

  •  Meet other worker co-operators and developers from across Canada!
  • Learn about the Indivisible Reserve (permanent co-op capital) and take part in deliberations on this important topic!
  • Learn practical new tools!
  • Attend the (optional) Worker Co-op Movie Night!

The program of events for the conference can be read here.

Registration information is available here.

Event Contact: 

Hazel Corcoran

Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
St. Albert  Alberta