IDEAS: Powered by Passion

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26 November, 2013

Cape Breton Centre for Heritage & Science (The Lyceum)
225 George Street

IDEAS: Powered by Passion celebrates creativity and encourages “outside the box” thinking through speech and music.

After seeing so many interesting people doing great things in Cape Breton, we decided to bring some of them together with these simple goals: To uncover the passions of our people; to provide an open forum to share their stories; and to inspire one another in ways that are uniquely personal.
Now in its fourth season, the series takes place on the last Tuesday of every month between January and June in Sydney, at the Cape Breton Centre for Heritage & Science (The Lyceum) on 225 George Street.

Each event begins with a “news bite” — a short presentation by a community member about an interesting project they’re working on, and what motivates them.

Followed by live music from a local singer/song-writer, who also has the chance to share a little about themselves and their passion for music.

And finally the keynote speaker, who is given approximately 18 minutes to give the speech of their life! Dubbed the “Cape Breton TED talks”, we hear what inspires them to do what they love, here in Cape Breton.

After a lively Q & A, it’s off to Governors Pub for a “meeting of the minds”, where the speakers, audience and community members mingle and continue the conversation.

We invite you to come out and be inspired by passionate ideas and projects. To be added to our email list, please contact

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