Using Community Capitals to Build Assets for Positive Community Change

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12 December, 2013


Mary Emery, Head of the Sociology & Rural Studies Department
South Dakota State University


via Conference Call
December 12th, 2013 @ 11:55am Eastern Time

To understand how communities work and scale up change, Mary Emery and her partners developed the Community Capitals Framework. In their research they determined that healthy, sustainable communities invested in 7 types of capital: natural, cultural, human, social, political, financial and built. The Community Capitals approach focus on the intersection of these capitals and how they build upon one another to create sustainable change.

Join in this tele-learning to hear from Mary Emery about the Community Capitals approach and how it could be helpful to you in your community work. There will be lots of time for question and answer during the call and a podcast will be made available after the discussion.

Mary Emery focuses on rural and community development including using the Community Capitals Framework (CCF) in evaluation, research on community change, and program planning. She coordinates the Great Plains IDEA - a trans-disciplinary multi-university distance degree in Community Development and is Department Head for Sociology and Rural Studies South Dakota State University.

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