The Beta Project: Behavioral Economics Technical Assistance for the Assets Field

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17 December, 2013

The Behavioral Economics Technical Assistance (BETA) Project is a partnership between CFED and ideas42 with key support from the Citi Foundation. The goal of the Project is to use behavioral economics theory to improve the effectiveness and reach of products and services that help people increase their financial stability.

The Project accomplishes this by designing and testing behavioral interventions through real world products, processes and services, and then sharing the lessons and insights from these efforts with the assets field in highly accessible ways that help drive improvements in practice and policy. The BETA Project will tackle a range of issues, but at the core of the project will be the work with the pilot organizations to design and implement manageable, low-cost program adjustments based on well-documented behavioral theory and findings from behavioral economic and psychology research. The BETA Project delivers impact through quick, powerful innovations adapted within the existing framework of a given behavioral problem.

In 2012, the BETA Project team issued a Request for Proposals for sites to pilot behavioral interventions. To learn more, read this brief which examines themes among the 99 proposals received and identifies common challenges programs are facing. Check back often to see what we’re learning through the Project.

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