Systems Change: Facing Canada’s toughest challenges

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9 January, 2014

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

MaRS, Auditorium
101 College Street
Toronto, ON

Around the world, societies are faced with complex challenges that require systems change. How do we develop solutions to address these challenges? Increasingly, labs – or dedicated experimental spaces – are helping to organize social innovation by bringing together multiple stakeholders to develop, test and scale new solutions. For 10 years, Joeri van den Steenhoven was CEO of Knowledgeland, one of the leading change labs in the Netherlands and Europe, where he helped to build capacity for this type of solutions seeking.

In April 2013, Joeri was named the first Director of the MaRS Solutions Lab. This new lab will tackle some of Canada’s toughest problems, including chronic disease, youth unemployment and unsustainable food systems. During this Global Leadership event, Joeri will share his perspective on systems change and why it is necessary, and discuss the strategy for the MaRS Solutions Lab and how it will work to bring about the change required.

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Toronto  Ontario