Unlocking Opportunities in the Collaborative Economy

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9 January, 2014

April Rinne of Collaborative Lab

via Conference Call
January 9th, 2013 @ 11:55am Eastern Time

Over the past several years, the growth of the collaborative economy (also called collaborative consumption or the sharing economy) has accelerated, reflecting people’s growing desire to find innovative solutions to economic pressures, environmental concerns, and a need for greater social connection. Thanks to new technologies, we are able to transact and exchange value with one another in new ways.

In this tele-learning, April Rinne, Chief Strategy Officer with Collaborative Lab and a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, will introduce the fundamental principles of the collaborative economy and explain some of the opportunities and challenges that it presents to businesses and governments. April will share success stories about organizations that have harnessed collaborative economy solutions and provide insight into the cultural narrative that has allowed them to flourish.

In her role with Collaborative Lab, April regularly works with private and public sector clients to reimagine their work through a collaborative lens paired with technology. The firm is especially known for its cross-sector, global approach in three key areas: market understanding and awareness, shareable cities, and business innovation.

There will be a Q&A opportunity during the call and a podcast will be made available to all registered participants following the conversation.

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