Capturing Your Co-operative Advantage

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15 January, 2014
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Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to hear from TWO great speakers at our next webinar learning event. Our speakers will highlight the importance of integrating and marketing your co-operative advantage; they will provide you with the proper tools and methods to engage your co-op stakeholders and distinguish your co-op brand from the rest of the competition.

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The "MOCA" Strategy

Georgina Whyatt of Oxford Brookes Univeristy will be presenting on the Marketing Our Co-operative Advantage (MOCA) Strategy . Webinar attendants will understand how to implement this as a marketing strategy and what organizational factors in your co-op can enable you to capitalize on your co-operative advantage. Applying MOCA to your co-op business is very much the responsibility of all levels of the co-op and not simply the marketing team.

The MOCA Strategy Presentation will highlight:

  • Understanding the core elements of MOCA
  • MOCA's relevance to co-ops of all sizes and types
  • Why implement it as part of a marketing strategy?
  • What organizational factors enable/ hinder its implementation?
  • How to address the challenges to your co-op's MOCA strategy

Creating a Co-operative Identity Online:

In today’s wired world, the internet is the single most important tool for marketing your business or organization. For co-operatives, this means more than just marketing their goods and services: it also means promoting what makes co-ops different from other enterprises.

Donna Balkan,has researched the extent to which Canadian co-operatives reflect the co-op difference on their websites, and the results may be surprising.

In her presentation, she will talk about:

  • Why it is important for your website to reflect co-operative values and principles
  • The Co-operative Identity Web Index (CIWI), a tool for measuring online co-op identity.
  • Best practices in promoting co-operative identity online, including co-op websites and social media sites from Canada and beyond.
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