Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact

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1 April, 2014 to 3 April, 2014

Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact is a multi-day interactive workshop designed specifically for the leaders of Leadership Roundtables, Coordinating Committees or Backbone Organizations of mature collective impact initiatives. The Tamarack Institute and FSG have partnered to develop this dynamic learning experience to offer leaders of Backbone Organizations an advanced learning opportunity designed exclusively to develop their capacity as collaborative leaders.  Participants of this learning event will:

  • Strengthen their ability to guide collective impact initiative toward its desired results
  • Learn from, and build connections with other experienced leaders of backbone organizations across a range of social issues
  • Participate in creating new resources and tools for the field of community collaboration and collective impact practitioners, which will be disseminated after the workshop

Workshop sessions will include topics such as:

  • Deeply understanding the roles and impact strategies of the Backbone Organization
  • Developing and learning from shared measurement
  • Community engagement initiatives to build the will of your community
  • Making collaborative governance effective
  • Sustaining funding for collective impact over the long term
  • How to work in complexity and the importance of adaptive leadership
  • Getting to true impact and systems change

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Vancouver  British Columbia