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2 April, 2014

April 2, 2014
Belfry Theatre in Victoria, BC

Catalyst is a gala event that will combine speakers, social enterprise pitches and judging to create a high energy, high impact event that raises the profile of both Vancouver Island social enterprises and social enterprise as a sector in general.

Catalyst exists to build momentum of the sector, providing resources directly to social enterprises and highlighting the ‘eco-system’ of supports available.

This event will take place the evening of April 2, 2014 from 6-9 PM. Wine and catering will be provided, with an active networking component incorporated.

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Dynamic speakers will talk about their experience and potential of social enterprise, inspiring the audience around the possibilities to integrate social, environmental and cultural impacts into business models.

Three social enterprises will be pre-selected and coached to share their story and pitch an ‘ask’ for technical assistance and financial investment.

A panel of judges will deliberate, provide feedback and allocate resources to the social enterprises.

Event sponsors will be acknowledged for their support and expertise, raising the visibility of the social enterprise eco-system of supports and opportunity.

A social enterprise ‘Offertunity Fair’ will invite non-presenting social enterprises to share their service or product, where technical assistance and financial investment from the broader audience can be offered on an individual basis.

There will be active opportunities for networking and building relationships.

A graphic facilitator will assist in mapping the social enterprise eco-system in the region and Island.

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Social Enterprise Catalyst
Victoria  British Columbia