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8 April, 2014

Noon - 1pm Eastern

Let's face it:  Demonstrating impact is critical when making the case for community programs to funders, stakeholders and policy makers. 

But it can also be very hard to do.  Community organizations tend to find the process of impact measurement complicated and expensive. There is no silver bullet, but strengthening evaluation capacity with a range of strategies, such as Social Return on Investment, can help us improve the effectiveness of what we do and enhance the case for support. 

To strengthen the evaluation and impact measurement capacity of our members, CCEDNet has partnered with GlobalMeasures Initiative (GMI) to offer affordable access to a powerful Social Return on Investment and outcomes measurement platform. 

GMI is a project that was created by Social Asset Measurement (SAM) and the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation (3ci).  It brought together 3ci’s ten plus years of expertise in impact measurement, and SAM’s impact measurement software, the Social Return Intelligence platform (SRI).  SRI has been reviewed and accepted by the UK based international SROI Network, and has been funded by the National Research Council of Canada. 

GMI provides participants with educational webinars and are walked through the process of creating their own impact measurement framework. They are then able to access the SRI software to continuously report on their impact.

Regular costs for the GMI program are $2,000 for the first year, and $500 in subsequent years.  But in this special offer, CCEDNet members are eligible for a 12%-18% discount. Not a member?  Find out more about the leading Canadian movement for inclusive and sustainable community economies, and join us!

If you want to strengthen your evaluation capacity and try out SROI or other outcomes frameworks, GMI might be right for you.

CCEDNet Presentation from SAMETRICA on Vimeo.


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