Connecting Strategy, Evaluation, and Learning in Your Organization

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9 April, 2014

Noon-1:00pm ET
Cost: $49

How can you help your organization develop a comprehensive evaluation strategy?

Are you interested in learning how to assess the impact of your organization's efforts to address complex problems? Are you looking for a way to use evaluation as a tool for strategic learning? Are you concerned that your current evaluation efforts are ad hoc, not aligned to strategy, underfunded, and underused? Join us for Connecting Strategy, Evaluation, and Learning in Your Organization, a one-hour webinar that will help your organization find out how to take a more strategic approach to evaluation and learning, and provide you with a deeper understanding of what it means to develop a comprehensive strategy for evaluation through the development of a Strategic Learning and Evaluation System.

We will help you ensure that your organization's investments in evaluation and learning are contributing to your ability to achieve greater impact.

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Medina Haeri Lanz, Programme Associate at Oak Foundation, Rebekah Levin, Director of Evaluation and Learning for the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, and Brenda Solórzano, Chief Program Director at Blue Shield of California Foundation, will join FSG’s Hallie Preskill and Katelyn Mack for a lively webinar discussion focused on:

  • Conditions that support an integrated approach to strategy, evaluation, and learning
  • Common challenges to designing and implementing a Strategic Learning and Evaluation System
  • How organizations are using a Strategic Learning and Evaluation System to achieve their goals

About FSG:

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