Tools to Measure Your Co-op’s Forward Motion

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22 April, 2014

11:30am Eastern Time/
12:30pm Atlantic Time


The Measuring the Co-operative Difference Research Network is pleased to showcase tools developed in Atlantic Canada to measure the social, economic and environmental impacts of their co-ops on their members, employees, and local communities.

In this webinar, our guest speakers will share their experiences using these tools and discuss how the tools have influenced their respective co-operatives’ priorities and planning.

Siri Jackson-Wood, a board member of the Morell Consumers Co-op, a Co-op Atlantic grocery in rural PEI, will discuss her co-op’s experience using the Sustainability Scorecard

Eric Tusz King, an owner-member of EnerGreen Builders Co-op in Sackville, New Brunswick, will discuss his co-op’s experience using the Co-op Index for Worker Co-operatives

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