Essential Knowledge for Transition: Economic System

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23 April, 2014

2:00pm - 3:15pm Eastern Time

Essential Knowledge for Transition

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The last in a 3-part series of teleseminars on economic transformation by Marco Vangelisti.

Economic System

The current economic crisis is a recurring phenomenon of a structurally unstable economic system. This part of the curriculum looks at the current economic crisis in its historical context, how we dealt with the last major crisis in the 1930s and how we are (counter productively) dealing with it now. It explains the essential features of of the system that makes it unstable and destructive of communities and ecosystems. We will then look at the systemic features of a new economic system that would be compatible with long term health of ecosystems and communities. Finally, we will explore the path from the current system to one that democratizes and localizes economic activity and anchors wealth and capital formation in the community.

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About Marco Vangelisti

Marco came to the US from Italy as a Fulbright scholar in mathematics and economics at the University of California in Berkeley. After a stint in the financial industry, Marco worked as visual artist on a full-time basis for 5 years and obtained a MFA focusing on the intersection between public art and ecology. He later worked for 6 years for Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC ("GMO"), managing investment equity portfolios primarily on behalf of large foundations and endowments.

In April 2009 Marco left the finance industry and has since been instrumental in the formation and development of the Slow Money Northern California chapter where he currently leads the investor working group. Marco is currently developing Essential Knowledge for Transition - a curriculum for engaged citizens to understand the money and banking system, the economic system and the financial system and how we need to transform them.  Marco is also helping communities increase their capacity for local investing.

Essential Knowledge for Transition provides an understanding of the large systems that affect our lives and communities: the monetary and banking system, the economic system and the financial system. Such understanding is a prerequisite to transforming them in a way that allows the emerging of a socially just, environmentally sound and compassionate society.

Essential Knowledge for Transition
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