Strengthening Non-Profits Workshop: Developing a Social Enterprise Business Plan

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22 May, 2014

9:00am to 4:00pm Central Time
United Way of Winnipeg, Learning Centre
580 Main St. Winnipeg

$125 – non-members
$50 – members

Workshop Description:

You have some ideas for a social enterprise but now what?  Marty and Kaye will walk you through the steps required to develop the feasibility and document the business plan for a social enterprise. You will have a chance to find out what and how to conduct research to demonstrate the feasibility for your enterprise.  We will identify what needs to be included in the business plan and how to go about developing this important document. The business plan document is the key to securing funding and it also becomes the road map that will guide your organisation in the implementation of the enterprise.


Marty Donkervoort and Kaye Grant have been working together in the social economy focussing on social enterprise for many years.  Working as part of Reconnaissance Management Consulting Group Inc, they have conducted a number of feasibility studies and/or business plans in the social enterprise sector both here in Winnipeg and across Canada.

Marty Donkervoort,  B.Sc.F. M.B.A.
Since he started working In the social economy in the early 80’s, he has conducted numerous feasibility studies and drafted as many business plans for organizations that include Away Express, a social enterprise courier service, and The Big Carrot, worker co-op in the retail health food business, both in Toronto, and Inner City Renovation, a social enterprise in the construction sector in Winnipeg’s North End.

In addition to his consulting assignments, Marty teaches a course on social enterprise in the Business School and in the Urban and Inner City Studies Department at the University of Winnipeg.  He has published a number of journal articles on social enterprise as well as a book "Inner City Renovation - How a Social Enterprise Changes Lives and Communities” 2013 Fernwood Publishing.

Kaye Grant,  B.A. B.Ed. M.B.A.
Kaye Grant is an experienced business consultant, project manager, researcher and trainer. She has experience in project planning and management, market research and analysis, marketing strategy development, business planning, program reviews and management training.  Kaye has been involved in conducting feasibility studies and developing business plans for over 16 years.

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