Community is the Answer: International Association for Community Development conference

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9 June, 2014 to 11 June, 2014

This major event will explore some of the most significant local and global questions we face today in the context of the answer: community.

How will we address the challenges of poverty? Of growing inequality? Of the environmental crisis? Of the failure of our institutions?

Community is the answer will showcase community-based solutions from Scotland and around the world. It will allow community members, activists, practitioners, researchers and policymakers to come together and examine what actually matters to people, how to measure it and how to place it at the core of what we do.

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Taking place in the run-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the gathering is expected to attract several hundred Scottish and international participants. This will be a unique opportunity for those who care about community development to learn about how people in different contexts are tackling similar challenges; to create new connections; and to develop networks which will last beyond the life of the event.


Over three days, parallel tracks will provide allow participants to choose from a range of seminars, workshops, presentations, arts-based learning events and field visits. There will be a social programme and the opportunity for overseas delegates to take part in extension programmes supported by Scottish community learning and development practitioners.

International Association for Community Development
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