Business and Community Engagement Forum

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9 September, 2014 to 10 September, 2014

Carleton University, Ottawa

Thriving Businesses in Healthy Resilient Communities


In 2010, five million employed Canadians reported receiving some kind of support from their workplaces to volunteer in the community. Businesses have recognized the many benefits of collaborating with community organizations, including increased productivity, improved talent recruitment and retention, lower absenteeism and a more positive public image. Community organizations have also recognized the benefits of engaging with businesses, such as accessing specialized skills, building organizational capacity and enhancing public awareness.

For these relationships to be successful, they require a shared commitment to reciprocity, cross-organizational understanding, common language and an alignment among the objectives of the business and the community organization. Both businesses and community organizations are seeking tools and training specific to the Canadian landscape.

With funding from the RBC Foundation, Volunteer Canada and Carleton University have established the Canadian Institute for Business and Community Engagement to respond to these challenges.  The Business and Community Engagement Forum will be the Institute’s inaugural event, bringing together 150 participants from a wide variety of regions and sectors.

Who Should Attend

The Business and Community Engagement Forum is intended for business leaders, academic researchers and practitioners in the public, private and non-profit sectors.


The Forum provides attendees with an opportunity to showcase and explore practices, models and tools that strengthen community engagement and employer-supported volunteering in Canada.

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Thriving Businesses in Healthy Resilient Communities
Volunteer Canada
Ottawa  Ontario