Collective Impact Summit

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6 October, 2014 to 10 October, 2014

The Collective Impact Summit (CIS) is a learning event unlike any other. It has been designed to provide you with the unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic group of practitioners who are discovering new ways to lead, engage, and transform communities by tackling our most complex issues. Join together with your peers as we advance new approaches to create large-scale change together.

Collective Impact has emerged as the most promising approach for achieving high-impact community change. In 2011, John Kania and Mark Kramer of FSG published Collective Impact in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.  It engaged us immediately because their description of Collective Impact resonated deeply and affirmed what we, at Tamarack, had discovered through our own experimenting and learning about how best to achieve deep impact and lasting change on complex community issues. 

Collective Impact differs from other collaborative approaches. It generates new solutions by reaching agreement across diverse stakeholders to address a shared community issue in a multi-faceted way using a common agenda, aligned efforts and shared measures of success.  It is an approach that goes far beyond simply offering more or better services or programs to generate lasting impact by addressing root causes. 

Collective Impact offers a proven framework to guide the implementation of initiatives aimed at system-level transformation. It requires unified effort that leverages the skills and capacities within all sectors of a community, including: non-profits, neighbourhood groups, government agencies, schools, businesses, faith communities, and community leaders.

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