Social Impact Analysts Association 2014 Annual Conference

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3 November, 2014 to 4 November, 2014

The Social Impact Analysts Association’s (SIAA) 2014 Annual Conference, Talking Data: Measurement with a message, will be held in Toronto on November 3rd – 4th in partnership with Social Asset Measurements and Charity Intelligence Canada.

Collecting data is not enough. Data will not speak for itself. There is always work to be done to ensure that measurements deliver the right message. Whether we are writing social impact reports for our funders, communicating to internal decision makers or telling stories to inspire our stakeholders, how we present the data has a huge effect on how it is interpreted and then used. This is why at SIAA’s annual conference this year we will be talking about data and how we make it speak.

Talking Data will bring together professionals working in the field of social impact analysis to participate in two days of workshops, dialogue and networking at an international level. Sessions will be interactive, collaborative and stimulating, introducing delegates to research, case studies, tools and debates around four key topics for reporting data.

The conference will include:

  • Workshops: Participate in in-depth discussions on the key challenges and opportunities in the field of social impact analysis.
  • Plenaries: Hear leading professionals presenting inspirational ideas on crucial questions.
  • Interactive activities: Get hands-on in fun and collaborative tasks.
  • Networking: Meet, learn from, and share with those working in social impact analysis internationally.
Social Impact Analysts Association
Toronto  Ontario