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8 November, 2014 to 12 November, 2014

Redefining the nature of economy and value

LNE Global Live is your access point to creating a new economic reality. It’s a conversation and exploration of new ideas, new ways of living to create abundance, equality and sustainability.

Living the New Economy is hosting a week of events in Victoria and Globally through Online streaming on Nov8-12, 2014. LNE is designed to energize, accelerate and celebrate the people, institutions and collaborations that are bringing a new economic movement to life. These events will inspire new collaborations, facilitate new project partnerships, accelerate the work of social entrepreneurs, and showcase local innovation.

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2014 Theme: Integration

The “new economy”, along with many of its facets (shared spaces, alternative currencies, impact investing, gift economy, indigenomics, permaculture and so on), is an EMERGING paradigm. As such, most of us are just opening our eyes to many of these practices and principles, and even many of the global leaders in these conversations have few peers to look to in their respective fields. As an emerging set of ideas, practices & distinctions, the new economy builds momentum and gains social traction through our individual and collective INTEGRATION of its principles.

Throughout the five days of LNE Global Live 2014, speakers and audience members will be encouraged to notice how these facets weave together to form a visionary whole, and we will be encouraging all participants to integrate more and more new economy practices into their own lives. Each speaker will talk about the ways they integrate the new economy into their own lives, business and communities and talk about what they don’t integrate yet and why. We will talk about things that can be done quickly and things that take time.

This year we wish to ensure that all our participants, whether joining us in Victoria or from elsewhere in the world via livestream, end up with lots of ideas, information, links & specific access points to INTEGRATE these new principles into their lives – in a nature & scope that feels most aligned. We’ll be giving you lots of different ways to INTEGRATE the new economy into your world – whether you think of yourself as a new economy rookie.. or global leader.. you’re going to learn something new. THANK YOU for your interest in helping this conversation gain momentum! We’ll see you at LNE GLOBAL LIVE 2014.

Victoria  British Columbia