Rural Community Development Webinars: Guru Session with Don Richardson

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12 November, 2014
12pm ET
Featuring Don Richardson:
Don will reflect on aboriginal/remote community development. Don Richardson has over 25 years experience as a skilled facilitator capable of building agreements between project proponents, community/non-governmental organizations, government agencies and Aboriginal communities. He fosters constructive engagement to create “shared value” between communities and infrastructure / resource extraction projects and operations. He has extensive global experience with environmental assessments, communications, socio-economics and enhancing community well-being. >> Read more

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Rural Community Development Webinars
The Rural Ontario Institute invites you to learn from a number of local and international ‘gurus’ of rural community development as they reflect on years of practice and emerging trends in community-led local development work. The Guru Sessions bring five thought leaders from Canada and around the world will share wisdom on the state of community development practice – where its been, where its going, emerging trends and perhaps some worrisome issues CD practitioners should  be wary of.

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