Planning for your Organization's Financial Sustainability

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5 May, 2015 to 16 June, 2015

9am to noon Central Time

Achieving your mission in the community depends on your ability to find the resources to meet your goals. Most non-profits face the challenge of long-term financial sustainability, both in terms of how to do this kind of planning and where to look for these resources.

Begin creating a sound financial plan that will help your organization in the long run. Over four sessions, learn about innovative tools for identifying financial and non-financial resources and for making strategic decisions around priorities and programming. Strengthen your emerging plan through ongoing feedback from peers in the workshop.

The workshops will assist you to:

  • Identify financial and non-financial resources - from grants to volunteers
  • Develop a comprehensive list of potential funders
  • Explore diversifying your income streams to increase your organization’s stability
  • Create a 5 year projected budget
  • Learn about practical tools for planning, such as ‘Friend-raising’ & ‘Asset Mapping’
  • Make strategic decisions around priorities and programming

Who Should Attend:

People in charge of planning and budgets for their organization (EDs or program managers). It’s important for those who attend to be able to use the practical tools and to be able to provide a high level of peer support to others in the group. It is also necessary that those attending the course have time to complete homework between sessions.

Key Information:

Dates: May 5, May 19, June 2, June 16 - Four sessions at two week intervals
Time: Tuesday mornings, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where: 765 Main Street - Social Enterprise Centre boardroom
Facilitators: Brendan Reimer and Sarah Leeson-Klym
Cost: $100 (members), $250 (non-members) - please send cheques to our Manitoba office, or bring them to your first session (Unit 202-765 Main St. Winnipeg, MB, R2W 3N5)


Nadia Kidwai: n.kidwai at or 204-943-0547.

Quotes from past participants:

"The workshop provided both a theoretical overview and practical hands-on application of the concepts.  The facilitator was very knowledgeable and able to adapt the ‘sustainability model(s) to a variety of situations."
Frank Atnikov-SEED Winnipeg Inc.

"I loved making the personal connections with other not-for profit directors.  Listening to their experiences allowed me to see things from a different perspective and learn about different financial models.  Several of the participants met for breakfast before one of the sessions which gave us more time to get know each other and the organization we work for."
Brian Jamieson- Executive Director, English Online Inc.

"The playing field for non-profit organizations is continuously changing. This workshop is a valuable tool for leaders to interact with others, assess present practice and explore alternative ways to work towards financial sustainability."
Lois Coleman Neufeld- Executive Director, Mediation Services

"This workshop was an eye opener. Brendan used easy-to-understand tools and gave clear explanations to help us think strategically and meaningfully about organizational financial sustainability. This workshop will change the way I conceptualize and help build the financial health of our organization."
Shereen Denetto – IRCOM

Event Contact: 
The Canadian CED Network
Winnipeg  Manitoba