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15 June, 2015 to 19 June, 2015

We think it’s time to have a party to celebrate all we’ve learned over the last four decades, and to pay attention to what it might be teaching us for our shared futures.

The Festival will present those who attend with an opportunity to hear from practitioners, local residents and fellow ABCD enthusiasts from around the world about their community building efforts. So, if you are seeking stories of transformation, like-minded travellers, and folks willing to ask some ‘wicked’ questions, all against a backdrop of beautiful English countryside, then come and join us!

The Festival will be filled with music, dance, local food, pot-lunches and nourishing conversations. We are expecting the founders of the ABCD Institute John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann, the leaders at the Coady International Instutite, and many of the ABCD Institute Faculty. We will also be joined by fellow ABCDers from ABCD Asia Pacific and ABCD Europe. And we are inviting people from other citizen-led movements to share their learnings and muse with us.

The Festival is jointly hosted by the ABCDInstitute, ABCD Europe, Coady International Institute, ABCD in Action, ABCD Asia Pacific and Bank of I.D.E.A.S.

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