Rural Collaborative Summit

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26 June, 2015

NEW DATE: JUNE 26, 2015

Building creative rural economies

The social enterprise field is gaining momentum and recognition from private and public sectors all across the world as a way of addressing important social and environmental issues.  However, as these issues that have traditionally been funded through government ministries and social services organizations, move towards a market-driven economic model, a number of topics need to be addressed.  We have posed 3 questions to people working directly in the social enterprise field to get their thoughts:

  • What are some of the successes, failures, threats and limitations of social enterprises?
  • How do we work collaboratively to create the most impact?
  • How do we adapt and get creative to get the funding needed to start-up and sustain these social enterprises?

Rural communities nearly everywhere struggle with youth retention, seizing market opportunities, job growth, social supports and environmental changes.  This summit is a way to bring together rural (and urban) social enterprise practitioners to share their frontline work and experiences and best practices.


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