Brokering Volunteers: The New Barn-Raising Webinar

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30 June, 2015

June 30th 17:00 to 18:00 [GMT (London) Time]

Kate Browning, Timeraiser Program Manager, will outline Timeraiser events that see participants bid their volunteer time on art, purchased from emerging Canadian artists, to support great causes. At Timeraiser, artists get paid, nonprofits connect with skilled volunteers, and skilled people put their time to good use. Amongst the wide range of nonprofits supported are theatres, arts festivals, museums, and art galleries.

Debbie Brutchey, Executive Director of LA Works, outlines how the organization encourages corporate citizenship through hands on community service experiences as well as sponsorships, volunteer days, and pro-bono experiences. This sustainable model decreases their organization's dependence on traditional fundraising from individuals and foundations. Beneficiary organizations of the corporate service include parks, schools, community centers and non-profits.

About The New Barn-Raising

The New Barn-Raising is an initiative to encourage the exchange of international best practice around sustaining community and civic assets such as parks, recreation centers, libraries, neighborhood stores, senior centers, museums and theaters. These are places and spaces characterized by a high degree of accessibility, popularity and sense of belonging to 'the people'.

The term New Barn-Raising refers to how different groups (business, citizens, foundations, non-profits groups, politicians, social entrepreneurs, social investors, taxpayers and unions) can all pull together to support assets.

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