Atlantic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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17 September, 2015 to 18 September, 2015

Atlantic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem ConferenceA Policy Workshop to Build Our Region's Entrepreneurial Economy

Entrepreneurship is the solution to the challenges facing our region's future.

Join us September 17th - 18th and collaborate with the world’s leading experts in successful (and unsuccessful) entrepreneurial ecosystems -- building them, managing them and developing policy to support them.

Contribute to creating and shaping our entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is the first of an ongoing annual regional dialogue. During the conference you will:

  •           Acquire leading expertise about global best practices
  •           Shape policy through discussion and workshops
  •           Work with regional policy makers and advocates
  •           Develop and pursue shared goals

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Saint Mary's University
Halifax  Nova Scotia
Entrepreneurship & Business Development
Policy Development & Advocacy
Regional Development