How Doing Good in the World is Great Business

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17 September, 2015

11:30am to 1:00pm Mountain Time
Glenbow Museum Theatre
130 9 Avenue SE

It is entirely possible to make money with a business whose goals are to solve the world’s problems. Meet five incredible social entrepreneurs whose companies are tackling the world’s problems, all while conquering markets! You’ve seen their Beakerhead for a Better World exhibits around town, now hear their extraordinary journeys.

  • Ecovative Design (USA), creators of the organic mushroom blocks®
  • SunSaluter (Canada), personal solar energy sources
  • Aspire Food Group (USA), international expert at the forefront of the crickets-for-food movement
  • Nanoleaf (USA), the world’s most efficient light bulb with a lifespan of between 27 and 40 years, and
  • BB Suit (The Netherlands), suit that purifies the air around the wearer.

Boxed lunch prepared by Nicole Gomes from Canada’s Top Chef, included – all made with locally-sourced food! Vegetarian option will also be available.

This is a Beakerhead for a Better World project, presented in partnership with Trico Charitable Foundation.

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