Economic Security: Towards an Inclusive Movement for Healthy, Vibrant Communities

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23 September, 2015

11:55am-1:00 pm Eastern Time

Speakers: Annette Case with host Michael Toye

Tamarack & Canadian CED Network Hosted Webinar In the face of increasing wealth inequality and rising poverty rates, economic security is picking up steam as an inclusive, comprehensive solution for healthy, vibrant communities.  But what is at the core of this concept, and what does it contribute to the poverty reduction movement? What separates economic security from the many other promising practices that poverty reduction advocates wrestle with? Annette Case, Senior Consultant and Project Manager with the Insight Centre for Community Economic Development, and Michael Toye, Executive Director of the Canadian CED Network, will explain the ins and outs of economic security, share example impacts, and dive into an inclusive framework that is shifting attitudes and creating positive change.

About Annette Case

Annette CaseAnnette Case is a Senior Consultant with the Insight Centre for Community Economic Development. Having recently launched the Metrics Matter Initiative, Annette has devised and is implementing an action plan to improve public awareness about economic security, what data and measures tell us about economic security and building public will to advance solutions that achieve meaningful progress for families and communities. In addition to her work at the Insight Center, Annette has worked with the Northwest Area Foundation, Strategies to Eliminate Poverty Project, the Seattle Foundation, FutureWorks, The Working Poor Families Project, City of Seattle, and helped create what is now the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities.

About Michael Toye

Michael Toye

Mike Toye has been a consultant on community economic development and the social economy in two worker co-operatives he co-founded, author of numerous articles and reports, co-editor of the book Community Economic Development: Building for Social Change, lecturer, researcher and Policy Analyst for the Library of Parliament. His first involvement with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network dates back to 2000, and he has been Executive Director since 2008. He has also been a Vibrant Communities thought leader since 2014, assisting in generating content for the poverty reduction community with the latest news and updates.  He lives just outside Victoriaville, Québec.

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